Cancer Screening Advocates

Cancer Screening Advocates are volunteers who undergo a short training session and then reach out to their peers (friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members) and encourage them to be screened for cancer. The Advocates receive special “screening health packets” to give to their contacts with information about why screening is important, how to find a local health care provider, and how to pay for screening tests. Screening advocates can be cancer survivors, caregivers, or anyone with a passion for prevention and early detection.

The Lincoln Breast Cancer Alliance, is conducting a screening advocate program for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer. Materials used in that program are available for download below. Contact Angie at 402.314.1234 if you want to join the Lincoln Advocate team.

A breast cancer screening advocate program is currently being coordinated by My Sister’s Keeper and is affiliiated with Komen Great Plains and its breast cancer screening education program, called Promise Me operating in Douglas County.

To launch a Screening Advocate program in your area, contact Lori Vidlak

Downloadable Advocate Training Materials:

11.1.17Training Manual

8.12.17Take Care of Yourself. PPT

Data Collection Forms:

11.2.17Screening Advocate Form Date


11.2.17 Callback Form

Advanced Training Materials:

Community Education Tips (when addressing large groups)

Breast Cancer Screening Barrier Guide (for navigating women to screening)

Screening Health Packet Contents (English):


9.18.173CancersRisk FactorsENG

11.2.17Screening tests, Warning signs, Health Behaviors


Spanish Translations:

Take Care of Yourself SPAN PPT-08-2017

8.12.17SPAN Information-Encounter Form






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