NE Breast Cancer Awareness License Plates

breastCancerThanks to the determination and tireless two+ year efforts of Linda Gill, a 13-year breast cancer survivor and advocate from Friend, Breast Cancer Awareness license plates are now available in Nebraska!  In recognition, Linda was named Susan G. Komen’s Nebraska 2015 Volunteer of the Year and was also featured in the Winter edition of Bryan Health’s Journey Magazine.

The ‘road’ to making Linda’s vision a reality began in the Fall of 2014. After returning with her husband from Colorado where that state’s breast cancer awareness license plates were displayed on bumpers everywhere, Linda decided that it was time for Nebraskans to have a plate of their own. She went straight to the state’s DMV to get the ball rolling only to find that she would need a sponsor organization (Susan G. Komen® Nebraska agreed), and 500 prepaid applications — each accompanied with a $70 fee to initiate the printing process.

One year later, despite all of her hard work, Linda had only half of the applications and monies needed. More determined than ever, she headed to the state’s capital to solicit the support of both transportation department officials and state senators. Months later after pounding on countless doors, initiating phone calls, and mailing letters, Linda’s efforts were rewarded. Nebraska Senator Patty Pansing Brooks championed her cause by submitting to lawmakers the Nebraska Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate Bill (LB844). In April 2016 the bill passed and plates became available January 2017. The new license plates now adorn her 2014 VW Beetle!

Despite all of the hard work that went into making this dream a reality, Linda met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun. “If you want something bad enough,” she said proudly, “you can achieve it.”

To learn more about this remarkable survivor and breast cancer advocate, click here. To see a news story about Linda’s quest, click here.

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