Metro African American Breast Cancer Task Force

4.17maabctf FINALIn Fall of 2013, the Metro African American Breast Cancer Task Force (MAABCTF) was formed to address disparities in breast cancer mortality. In response to these disparities, the group developed a Screening Advocate Program which trained volunteers to educate friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers about breast health and encourage them to get screened. In early 2017, My Sister’s Keeper assumed responsibility for the Screening Advocate Program and the Task Force disbanded. For more information about this program or My Sister’s Keeper, call MaxCine Jackson at 402.541.5803.

The following documents were developed throughout the course of the Task Force’s work:

Meeting Agreement (Adopted 12/5/13)

MAAWBCTF ByLaws DRAFT 3 5 2015

3.23.15Metro AABCTF logic model

To access the archive of meeting minutes, click here.

Resource Materials About Disparities

In the News…Racial gaps persist in how breast cancer survivors function, feel during treatment and after. An informative article appearing in the September 20, 2016 issue of  Science Daily.

CDC Vital Signs 2012, is a publication that explores the issue of disparities and offers recommendations about ways to ensure that African American women receive more timely follow-up and improved access to high-quality treatment.

Disparities in Breast Cancer Care, webinar presentation from National Komen Headquarters on Dec. 3, 2013

Powerful New York Times video and article posted 12/20/13 about Disparities in Breast Cancer Outcomes for African American Women

Resources: Strategies to Overcome Disparities

Table 6, UNMC Study Intervention Recommendations – How to reach and positively impact breast health for African American women.

Webinar about addressing disparities from Living Beyond Breast Cancer: – PowerPoint LBBC Webinar

Social Marketing  – PPT overview of options by LaShaune Johnson

Opinion commentary in New York Times 3/14 about reducing disparities by using navigators, contributed by Bryan Rettig

Breast Health Educational Materials for African American Women – click here

Additional Resource Documents in Development by Task Force

Data Resource Summary from Key Influencers Work Group –  AAWBCTF 3.25.14

Additional Resources:

Nebraska Data: Breast Cancer Incidence Updates  and Breast Cancer Mortality Updates (Nebraska Cancer Registry, 12/6/13)

American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Facts and Figures 2013-2014: National report showing African American women experience a higher incidence rate of breast cancer before age 40 and higher mortality rate at every age.

Health Screening Guidelines by Age/Gender  (

Video about exercise and breast size as related to breast cancer (courtesy of Denise Britigan)

For background and additional research information about disparities in breast cancer mortality rates for African American women, click here.

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