Screening Advocate Project Documents

From July to November 2015, the Metro African American Breast Cancer Task Force conducted a pilot project designed to train specially selected members of the African American community in Omaha to reach out to at least 10 friends or family members and encourage them to have breast health screening. Eighteen “screening advocates” were trained and fourteen completed their assignments, reaching over 160 women. The following documents were used during the initial project.

Recruiting/Training Advocates

Screening Advocate Recruitment Letter

Screening Advocate Job Description

Screening Advocate Information Sheet 

August 1invite

photo release

MAABCTFBreast-Self-Awareness-for-Black-and-African-American-Comm-Short PPT

Educational Materials for Community Distribution

Miyo_question side one

Protect Your Future side two

Provider Directory

Communications with Community Members 

Community Member Tracking Form 

Why we need your info follow up letter

Final Report: MAABCTF Screening Advocate First Round Project Final Report

A second training session was held in Spring 2016. Based on lessons learned in the initial pilot tests, some of the materials were revised.

Documents Revised for Second Training Round

1.27.16Advocate-Community Member Tracking Form 200

1.27.16Breast Self


1.27.16Provider Directory for MAABCTF


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