Consumer- Oriented Evidence-based Strategies

The Guide to Community Preventive Services ( is a resource for intervention programs that have demonstrated effectiveness in producing results. The following table summarizes client-oriented evidence-based practices to increase breast cancer screening rates.

Interventions that either provide education to increase cancer screening or make it easier for clients to be screened
Client reminders (printed or telephone) Recommended
Client incentives Insufficient evidence
Small media (letters, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters) Recommended
Mass media Insufficient evidence
Group education (trained lay or health educator) Recommended
One-on-one education (telephone or face to face) Recommended
Reducing structural barriers (time, distance, hours, nonclinical settings, simplifying admin, support like daycare, transportation, etc.) Recommended
Reducing out-of-pocket costs Recommended

One way to reduce out of pocket costs is to access programs that help pay for screening and/or related expenses. Click here to learn more about available programs in Nebraska.

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