One World Patient Navigation and Educational Outreach Program



The Patient Navigation and Educational Outreach Program assists OneWorld patients in accessing the resources and services available for breast cancer screenings in the OneWorld Community Health Centers clinical settings as well as referral and follow-up services and treatment in the community at large. Through funding provided by Susan G. Komen® Great Plains, OneWorld uses various methods to educate women (with a special focus on Hispanic women) about breast cancer and the need for regular breast exams and mammograms. The program uses the services of a Patient Navigator, distributes educational materials through both “in-reach” and “outreach” activities, and utilizes radio public service announcements (PSAs).  The grant funds provide health care services to women who may otherwise go without due to their inability to navigate the healthcare system or receive educational materials that are culturally appropriate.

For more information, contact the Women’s Clinic at One World.

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