Targeting Special Populations

The National Cancer Institute’s Research-tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs) website offers a variety of recommended program choices developed for specific population groups designed to increase breast and cervical cancer screening or follow-up rates. Active links within the document facilitate deeper review of each program which has been rated for its research integrity, intervention impact and dissemination capacity. Information is provided about how each program was implemented, resources needed, and results. Health educators can search the site based on population group to find the best program to meet their needs.

MIYOlogoMake It Your Own (MIYO), a free web-based publishing system, gives community partners tools to create customized, culturally-appropriate health materials targeted to their audiences without having to develop them from scratch. Since 2008, organizations have been using MIYO to create health information about breast, colorectal and cervical cancer screening as well as HPV vaccination and tobacco cessation for the specific populations they serve. MIYO assures high quality by standardizing the look and feel of materials and using evidence-based strategies recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit to sign in and get started.

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