Public Health Professionals

General Tools: A wealth of resources exists to help public health professionals work effectively within their own organizations and as collaborative leaders and partners in their communities. Click here for a comprehensive resource list developed by the CDC’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program with active web links.

Training Opportunity: Evidence-Based Cancer Control is an exciting free web-based training program developed by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Prevention Research Center in St. Louis under the direction of Dr. Ross Brownson. This set of e-learning courses will enable anyone working in or interested in public health to practice and strengthen the critical thinking skills necessary to implement evidence-based practice. Modules addressing Partnership, Leadership, Policy, Evaluation and Planning are currently available. Contact Paula Ballew, Project Manager, [email protected], 314.362.9645.

The GW (George Washington University) Cancer Institute’s  Technical Assistance Peer (TAP) Matching program connects public health professionals in need of technical assistance to those with relevant knowledge and experience. Click on the link for information about requesting assistance or sharing your expertise.

Other Resources:

Women’s Health and Mortality Chartbook (2015) – a statistical resource on women’s health in each of the states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The chartbook was developed to provide readers with an easy-to-use collection of current jurisdiction data on critical issues of relevance to women. A total of 28 different health indicators are featured, which highlight some of the key issues related to women’s health that are being measured regularly at the state level.

A Practitioner’s Guide for Advancing Health Equity: Community Strategies for Preventing Chronic Disease – This CDC guide is designed to help public health practitioners advance health equity through community prevention strategies.

The Did You Know? Video Series provides 2-3 minute information videos on various cancer topics including health, statistics, and survivorship. There are currently 16 videos in the series. Follow the National Cancer Institute’s YouTube page or @NCIC CancerStats on Twitter to stay up to date on the most recent videos.

The National Cancer Institute, as part of its Research to Reality series, posts ongoing informative discussions of particular interest to public health professionals.


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