Family History and Genetic Testing

Knowing your family health history is instrumental to understanding your health risks. By using the Susan G. Komen® new family health history tool, you can:

  • learn about your risk of breast cancer
  • be better prepared to talk with your doctor
  • make informed choices

This tool will make it easy for you to record and organize your family health history and  help you gather information that will be useful for you and your doctor. Find out more by clicking here

Another source to help you record your family cancer history that also offers information about genetic testing is the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  Download the Family History Chart here.

And Bright Pink offers two digital tools: and Assess Your Risk that help women make informed decisions regarding their health care. The tools provide:

  • An overview of genetic basics and which genetic mutations are linked to which cancers.
  • Easy to consume content addressing common concerns, including cost, legalities, access to testing, access to support, and insurance ins and outs.
  • Downloadable tools including a family health history collection form, questions for providers, and an Insurance 101 Guide.
  • Practical considerations in preparing for testing.
  • Video testimonials and personal stories from real women.
  • Access to Bright Pink’s support programs and other life-saving resources

Check out the resources by clicking on the links above.

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