Genetic Assessment Tool

Navigating the waters of cancer genetic testing can be scary, challenging, and full of uncertainty – causing many who should consider genetic testing to shy away.

Bright Pink offers two digital tools: and Assess Your Risk.  The tools helps women make informed decisions regarding their health care by utilizing:

  • An overview of genetic basics, comparison of labs, and which genetic mutations are linked to which cancers.
  • Easy to consume content addressing common concerns, including cost, legalities, access to testing, access to support, and insurance ins and outs.
  • Downloadable tools including a family health history collection form, questions for providers, and an Insurance 101 Guide.
  • Practical considerations in preparing for testing.
  • Video testimonials and personal stories from real women.
  • Access to Bright Pink’s support programs and other life-saving resources

Check out the resources by clicking on the links above.

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