African American LGBTQ Study

LaShaune P. Johnson PhD, Assistant Professor in the Master of Public Health Program at Creighton University, is an African American two-time cancer survivor. She is a also a sociologist,  researcher and volunteer in the African American breast cancer communities studying health disparities and has co-authored a chapter in the book: Black LGBT Health in the United States.  

As a result of the conversations shared in this effort, a research study entitled: “Rainbows or Ribbons? Queer Black Women Searching for a Place in the Cancer Sisterhood,” emerged and is being spearheaded by Professor Johnson. The study, funded by Creighton University’s Haddix Fund, is looking for women to participate in telephone/web-based interviews to learn about their screening/diagnosis experiences who are:

  • Black/African-American
  • age 20 or over
  • members of the LGBTQIA community (not necessarily local to Omaha)
  • have experienced a clinical breast health screening (mammogram, breast MRI, breast ultrasound) in the past THREE (3) years
  • or have been diagnosed (AT ANY TIME) with breast cancer (regardless of your choice of [non] treatment).  

This study is important because while major strides have been made in the treatment and detection of breast and to a lesser extent, reproductive cancer, Black women are experiencing survival disparities. Additionally, recent studies have shown that members of the LGBTQIA community are subject to social, cultural and economic conditions that put them at risk for cancer detection and treatment outcome disparities as well.  Based on the narratives of these women, this project hopes to develop a research agenda to address this understudied area. According to Professor Johnson, these shared stories can also help support the LGBTQIA community by initiating changes to our breast cancer culture and healthcare system, by building supportive educational communities and through improved training of healthcare providers.  

For more information, contact LaShaune P. Johnson, PhD at 402-280-2042 (office) or 918-430-9608 (cell), or you can email her by clicking here.  Individuals participating in the study will receive a $25.oo Amazon gift card upon completion of their interview. Because the study has gone through the rigorous Creighton University IRB process, confidentially and privacy are assured. You can follow the project by clicking here. For a copy of a flyer, click here.


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