Survivor Study Seeking African American Women

LaShaune P. Johnson PhD, Assistant Professor at Creighton University, African American two-time cancer survivor, sociologist, researcher and volunteer in the African American breast cancer community is recruiting participants for a telephone/web-based interview study entitled “Sister Survivor, Sister Sojourner: Black Women’s Decisions about Cancer Treatment.”

Professor Johnson is looking for Black/African American women who have been diagnosed with breast and/or ovarian cancer to discuss what helped them make a decision in choosing their cancer treatment. This study is important because while major strides have been made in the treatment and detection of breast and ovarian cancer, Black women are experiencing survival disparities for these cancers and evidence is emerging that they are having different diagnosis experiences than their White peers. She believes these stories need to be told and that through them, Black/African American women can unite and support each other, make changes to the cancer culture, and change the healthcare system.

For more information, contact Professor Johnson at 402-280-2042 (office) or 918-430-9608 (cell), or email her by clicking here. Individuals participating in the study will receive a monetary incentive upon completion of their interview. For a copy of the flier for this project, click here.


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