Americans use preventive health services about half as often as they should. This lack of use is frequently attributed to cost barriers. Studies show that for screening services like clinical breast exams and mammograms, even moderate insurance co-payments keep women from being screened. (Source: For women with no insurance, the cost of mammograms and other preventive services can be out of reach.

While the Every Woman Matters Program  provides free recommended breast health services for most Nebraska women who lack adequate insurance coverage to pay for the services, not all women who live in the state meet the program’s eligibility requirements. As a result, several community-based programs are currently being funded through grants from Komen Great Plains to provide free screening mammograms and other related services for women who do not qualify for Every Woman Matters.  Please click here to learn more.

For women living in rural areas, distance from screening service providers and travel-related costs can be an additional barrier. The Nebraska Breast Cancer Control Plan is focused on helping women with incomes of less than $35,000/year, rural women, and other special populations access the screening services they need to protect their health and the well-being of their families.

The Nebraska Breast Cancer Control Plan advocates the use of evidence-based strategies to increase screening rates. These strategies can be used for consumer education  to communicate with current patients. Click on the related links to learn more.

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