Employment and Cancer

The impact of a breast cancer diagnosis on a career can be challenging and depending on the individual situation it will vary from person to person. There are many support organizations and resources available to help patients navigate through this difficult time. We will continually add to the list below as we learn of additional programs.

Cancer + Careers free Resume Review Service helps patients gain confidence and put their best self forward. Click here to submit a resume and one of the organization’s career coaches will send personalized feedback.

Cancer and treatment can make it difficult to work. It might be good for patients to prepare for not working for a period of time. Or there may be ways to change job duties to keep working. Also, patients need to consider future possibilities for work—with the same employer or with a new employer. 

Cancer + Careers  also empowers and educates nearly 300,000 people afflicted with cancer each year, online and in print, by providing valuable information, expert advice, interactive tools and educational events. Their 2017 Balancing Work & Cancer Webinar Series offers eight sessions related to the challenges of balancing work and cancer. The hour-long sessions are free and cover a variety of topics including: Managing Long-Term Stress and Managing Finances. To learn more, click on the links. If you are interested in past webinars, click here to view recordings of 2015 and 2016 webinars. 

BreastCancer.org offers ways to manage the emotional, physical and legal aspects of managing a job and treatment.

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