is a new customizable website with the latest news and resources from highly respected cancer organizations. The site allows you to:

  • Simplify your search by having a single place to go for information from respected sources
  • Get information based on your cancer type, stage of your treatment journey, and personal needs
  • Build skills to help you manage your unique challenges
  • Connect with others for support
  • Find a variety of resources in your local area

As your needs shift, the site will be there to support you. Information on the site reflects the topics that are the most important to you. Customize your preferences to unlock access to:

  • My Care Activator. Based on what you need, this program gives you action steps for developing skills, such as Coping With Symptoms and Getting Better Sleep, to help you manage your unique challenges
  • Personalized Support guides you to information from reliable and respected resources based on your preferences

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