Serving People with Metastatic Disease

People with recurrent or metastatic disease are invited to join a group that meets twice a month in Omaha. The free group is facilitated by Stephanie Koraleski, Ph.D., co-founder of the 12-week “A Time to Heal” cancer rehabilitation program. The group is founded on the belief that holistic health is just as relevant for people living with cancer as it is for the general public, and cancer patients who work at adopting healthier lifestyle practices are often rewarded with greater 
energy and better quality of life.

As Stephanie explains, “Several people with metastatic cancer have told me they feel out of place in groups primarily consisting of newly-diagnosed folks. Everyone needs connection and a feeling of belonging and when you have advanced cancer, it can often feel like you are being squeezed out of life, especially if your health or treatment leads you to quit work or makes you stay away from crowds or resign from volunteering. Even good friends frequently don’t understand or don’t know what to say. This group is for people who want to connect and feel like they have a place where they can belong and contribute, share their own knowledge and skills and learn from other people who are living with the same kinds of issues.”

The group will not focus on medical treatment because those kinds of decisions need to be made in consultation with oncologists, but there is a strong research base showing that activities and attitudes that are in a patient’s control can do a lot to improve quality and, sometimes, even indefinitely extend life for people with metastatic disease. These practices include things like regular, deep relaxation; top level nutrition; regular but not intense exercise; finding a way that works for each individual to express emotions; and investing in life. The group will focus on sharing that knowledge and research with the participants and giving them some practice and experience with those activities with the intention of helping them create the best life possible in their circumstances.

Call 402.319.3124 for meeting times, location and directions.

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